Day 22: A song I listen to when I'm said—Farewell Fire

30 days of music, except only Boards of Canada: day 22.

Boards of Canada – The Campfire Headphase (vinyl reverse)

Again, I don't tend to turn to music as either a salve or a force-multiplier for negative feelings. But let's roll with it and choose something sad-sounding, and yet excellent and perhaps even a touch optimistic. Hmmm. Let's go with Farewell Fire, the closing track of The Campfire Headphase.

Of this track, BoC's Mike Sandison once spake:

On Farewell Fire Marcus is on keyboards, nothing more. He did it in a night session. There are moments where it stutters and it really feels like someone no longer able to play well out of sadness. That is why you should never program music. Even if it is an electronic piece, it sounds very human, heartbreaking.

Haunting. Lingering. Fading. A touch sad, perhaps. But not entirely. Beautiful. Thank you, this Reddit thread, for the the inspo, and BoC Pages for the fact fodder.

Incidental question: is the abbreviation pronounced bee-oh-see or bock? Your American YouTubers tend to say bee-oh-see, but they're the same people that describe the BoC aesthetic so reductively (albeit enthusiastically) that they make it sound like the aural equivalent of an Instagram filter—and not even a good one. So yeah: it's bock.

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