Day 8: A song that I know all the words to—1969

30 days of music, but Boards of Canada day 8.

At face value, finding a BoC song I know all the words too shouldn't be hard because the words are minimal. But factor in obscured lyrics and snatched samples of voices and things get quite interesting.

My choice: 1969. This is BoC's most accessible moment from arguably their least accessible record, Geogaddi. An unmistakably big tune, it somehow manages to sound melancholic and euphoric at the same time, culminating in the refrain 1969 in the sunshine / 1969 in the sunshine.

But there are some hard-to-make-out and downright mangled lyrics before you get there. The song, and Geogaddi generally, are a big reason why BoC cryptologists have taken to listening to BoC songs backwards.

I'll leave at that, but BoC Pages has the skinny on 1969, if of interest.

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