Oooh. Maciej got round to updating my Pinboard username. Sorely tempted to just linknlog and scribble in notes files over there again. (And 30 days of BoC will continue, by the divines! Busy!)


I sometimes have cause to refer back to the Slack Help Centre to see how they do things, how we did them back in the day, and how things have changed since.

Today I looked at the Remove someone from a channel article at random.

I found what I was looking for: the styled note boxes that highlight useful but not strictly necessary content.

But I couldn't help noticing that two different stylings had been used for “Note” content.

That's not something we'd have done 8 or 9 years ago. A note is a note is a note. The box-out with pen icon feels right.

The yellow box with exclamation icon would have started with a ward like “Caution:” or something. In this case, I think “Note” is right for both boxes, and the yellow/exclamation styling isn't needed – it's not flagging a hard-to-fix action. We'd use red for something potentially permanently damaging, probably with the word “Warning”.

I wonder if brand people have gotten involved and struck off negative words and colours. Possible—but it's at least as possible I'm just misremembering.

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Decided to make this a more direct counterpart to memorabilium. So there it is:

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